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Do Not Have Everything on the Checklist? NO WORRIES!

" We will create a custom plan that suits the needs and restrictions of your baby to insure a positive experience for you and your pet."

-Joel Jensen-owner

Full disclosure of your pets state of health is vital.  Please respect your pet and our staff by educating us about "ANY and ALL" health issues we may encounter while your pet is in our care so that we may offer the absolute best care possible for your family member.  We are an indoor/outdoor facility with separate play yards and spaces that include dedicated areas for all types of personality and conditions whether it be high energy, on-the-go dogs, little guys, old timers, and those special dogs who would rather relax solo.  To ensure your dog's comfort, we provide outdoor shelters from rain, sun and cold as well as the luxury of sun decks, play studios and grass areas for quality playtime.  At Home Away From Home all are invited to get in on the action... to socialize, play, sniff bums and lick chops, however our primary concern is the health, well-being and safety of your pet.  The following is a list of the basic criteria for our furry friends to run with the general population.  If your pet does not meet the list of requirements we always have a plan B for your pet's welfare and that of the others. 

Please call and let us taylor a reservation that is right for you.

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Dogs, Cats and Exotics

For basic level pricing, dogs must be spayed/neutered, currently vaccinated and well socialized as they will be welcomed into a free-play environment.  Please call Joel to assist you if you need help getting your records or last minute vaccinations from qualified, local veterinarians.  There is most likely a plan B or a plan C at Home Away From Home if conditions do not allow medical requirements.

Is your dog aggressive or destructive?  Does your pet have behavioral issues?  Please call Joel for a temperament test

and a tailored plan for your pet.  Aggressive dogs will not be allowed with the general population. Mom and dad will be financially responsible for the replacement / repair of hoses, crates or other items damaged by their pets.

Dogs must be crate trained for basic level pricing.  If your pet is not crate trained please be advised we can still care for your friend,  however, we will have to tailor a plan B that fits your needs.

Pets with medical requirements are welcome,  special pricing may apply if medication is not easily administered (consumed with the food, in the food bowl)

Required Vaccinations for basic pricing:  Please note if your pet does not have the required vaccines, we can accommodate however a modified program for the safety of your pets and others will have a modified price increase.


     -Rabies-1 year or Rabies 3 year

     -Distemper-1 year or Distemper-3 year

      (your records will show; DHPPV, DHPP, DA2PP, DA2PPV)  

     -Bordatella (commonly referred to as Kennel Cough)-administered within the last 6 months 

     -Canine Influenza, Booster #1 and Booster #2

Cats (within the last 12 months)

     -Feline Leukemia-or a blood test negative



Please be flea and tick responsible... not only for the health and well-being of your pet but for their friends at

Home Away From Home.  If you suspect that your dog or cat has a flea or tick problem we can help you with a solution.  Home Away From Home reserves the right to administer flea control, at the owners expense, should we discover that your pet arrived with unwanted house guests (aka fleas/ticks)...No party crashers allowed!

It is our belief and our posture that every new member to our diverse and established pack is going to be happy, healthy and content.

                                         Happy pets=Happy parents=Happy Home Away From Home Family...