Drop-off/Pickup and Shuttle service available!


Q: Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered to visit?

A: No, your dog does not need to be spayed or neutered! Should your animal be intact, there is an added charge of $10 for special handling and placement of your pet to avoid any aggressive activity or unplanned pregnancy should we have another pet that is also intact on property.

Q: What is a 10 pack/ how much is it?

A: The 10 pack is a deal we have designed to save your you dollars when you are a regular client. It is 10 days of daycare for the price of 9 as well as an express bath included (shampoo & blow dry). Depending on the contributing factors for the price of daycare for your pup, this deal should save you around $50-$80!

Q: Do I need to make an appointment for daycare?

A: We appreciate any appointments that are made ahead of time to insure smooth transition in the lobby, however, appointments are not required. You are more than welcome to drop-in at a moment’s notice before 11:30 or after 1:30.  During midday hours we close the lobby for furry friends to have nap time and humans to do yard cleanup.

Q: What is/how much is a half day of daycare?

A: A half day of daycare is when you would like to bring your pup in for only a few hours of daycare instead of the entire day. Determining half days are situation dependent, but typically this applies to dogs who only stay for 2-5 hours. Typically small dogs (29 pounds & under) are $15. Medium dogs (30-80 pounds) are $20. Large dogs (81-120 pounds) are $25. Lastly, x-large dogs (120+ pounds) are $30. This is baseline pricing not including other contributing factors such as being spayed/neutered and being up to date on all vaccinations.

Q: What factors contribute to the prices of boarding/daycare/grooming?

A: There are three main factors that contribute to the pricing of your dog’s or cat’s visit. The first main factor being the weight of your pet. The second main factor being whether or not your pet is spayed/neutered. Lastly, the third main factor is if your pet is up to date according to our standards on vaccinations. For dogs we ask that they be up to date on rabies, bordetella, Distemper (DHPP, DLPP, DAPPv, etc.), and canine influenza. For cats we ask that they be up to date on rabies, feline leukemia (FeLV), and FVRCP. Every animal must have their rabies shots, no exceptions.

There are other factors we take into consideration as well. Other side factors include (but are not limited to) difficult to handle, require extra care with medication, have recently had surgery, any incontinence issues, and dogs or people aggressive.

Q: What should I bring for my animal for boarding?

A: We ask that you bring your animal enough food for the entire stay. You are more than welcome to bring extra treats, blankets, or toys. However, we discourage additional items as it can be very easy for personal items to be lost within the mass amounts of blankets or toys we have available for the dogs already. PLEASE label everything you bring with your animal’s first and last name!

Q: Where do the dogs sleep at night?

A: All the animals sleep inside our facility at night in their own personalized crate. We are always trying our best to ensure that your fur baby is as comfy as possible in their home away from home with fresh fluffy blankets and calming music throughout the night. We have a variety of different sized crates depending on the size of your animal, they will always have enough room to stretch their limbs and rest comfortably.

Q: When is the best time to pick up my animal from boarding?

A: During the week we recommend picking up before or at 10am to avoid an additional daycare fee, but pick-up ranges anywhere from 7am-6pm. During weekends we usually do not have as many employees working in the lobby and use this time to catch up on deep cleaning. For these reasons we have two designated pick-up times:10am and 4pm.

Q: What if my animal doesn’t have all of their vaccinations?

A: If your pup is not caught up on all of their vaccinations or has vaccine modifications, that is no issue! The only vaccination we require with no exceptions is rabies. If your pup is missing one or more vaccines, there will be a non-negotiable charge of $10 and they will be isolated from other dogs at all times to reduce the risk of illness.

Q: What if my dog is aggressive?

A: We can still accept your pup if they are dog aggressive, but they will not be allowed to socialize with the other pups to avoid any conflict. The only time we will not accept an aggressive dog is if they are aggressive towardr people, as our employees must be able to handle them without fear of injury.  This is conversation for the owner who does evaluations of dogs that have not been socialized.  

Q: What services do you provide for cats?

A: The only service that we do not provide for cats are haircuts. Cat groomers need a license from the state proving their qualifications and we currently do not have a qualified cat groomer amongst our staff. However, we still provide boarding, daycare, bathing, and nail trimming for cats! In addition to single and double wide cat condos, we also have a catio on property for secure outdoor air for the felines.

Q: What services do you provide for exotic animals?

A: We provide boarding and daycare for all exotic animals. We also provide grooming for the pets that may require it.

Q: Are you able to give tours of the facility?

A: We are still not allowing anyone inside the facility besides our employees since the pandemic is not over yet. However, we do have a tour of the facility as well as an interview with the owner, Joel Jensen, on our website! You may also check out our instagram page (@montereypetspa), which features action shots of the dogs visiting with us as well as shots showing our facility.

Q: What does the daily itinerary look like for my pup throughout their stay?

A: Lights on at 6:30am where we begin to let the dogs out to relieve themselves and then bring them back inside for their first meal. Play sessions usually begin around 8am-11am where all of the pups are given a chance to go outside, get those legs moving, and if possible socialize with the other pups. 11:30am-1:30pm is usually nap time for the pups while our lobby is inactive and our team can deep clean the yards. Play sessions begin again from 2pm-5pm, this is usually when we do any block or beach walks as well. Dinner is then served around 6pm and we let the pups out one last time before night time. We typically close up the lobby around 7pm.

Q: Are there pick-up and drop-off services available?

A: Yes! The owner of our facility, Joel or another trusted member of the team does the drop off and pick up services around 7:30-9am in the morning and 3:30-5pm in the afternoon. The charge for these services is situational.

Q: What is VIP boarding?

A: VIP boarding is truly the definition of ‘home away from home’. Your pup will be personally taken care of by our owner Joel in his home, 15 minutes from the shop, where they will get to play with the other VIP dogs in a free play environment! Typically during the day they are brought back to our main facility for a day filled with outside play and then transferred back to Joel’s residence. Overnight, they have the option to either sleep in a crate (if this is what's most comfy for them), with a family member if that is what they are used to, on a couch or a dog bed.  We find the science that works for each friend.

The basic requirements for VIP boarding is that your pet must be up to date on all vaccinations (rabies, bordetella, DHPP/DLPP/DAPPv, & canine influenza) and they must be spayed or neutered. Your pet is required to go through an evaluation from 10am-2pm prior to being accepted for VIP boarding. The purpose of the evaluation is to see how your pup is outside of the home and has an added charge of $20. Pricing is as follows: 0-29 lbs is $65 per night. 30-80lbs is $70 per night. 81-120lbs is $75 per night. Lastly, 120+ lbs is $80 per night.

Q: What vaccinations are required for Bathing / Grooming?

Rabies is REQUIRED at minimum for state requirements and the safety of our team. We do highly recommend Bordetella (Kennel Cough) as well, as a safety precaution for your pet.  

Q: What is the half day pricing point?

    The half day pricing  

0-29lbs $15

30-80lbs $20

81-120lbs $25

120lbs and UP  $30

Q: Why do we require Canine Influenza?

    Here at Home Away From Home, we have high standards for your pets. We require the Canine Influenza vaccination because the health and safety of our clients is of utmost importance to us. We want to make sure our guests have the most protection possible from any and all infectious viruses. paragraph here.