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​I don't post many reviews on many sites but today I will.  My dog is extremely feral and skittish.  She has

a prior history of severe abuse so is scared of everything.  I took her here today for basic nail trim (because I

don't do it myself) and this was the only place that would do it for me.  And y'all, I will be taking her her for the

rest of her life.  The girl at the counter was incredible.  She was so attentive to my girl and talked to her like

she was hers.  She was so intelligent and knew exactly ow to handle my girl.  I'm very particular with my dog

to the point that I switch vets multiple times if I don't feel comfortable with how they interact with her.  Now I

just wish this was a vets office too so I can take her here for everything!  Thank you so much for being so great

with her!  We will be seeing you soon for all her nail appointments.  Jennifer S- (April, 2020)

What a fantastic experience, Joel and Terri truly love and respect animals, and their hearts are huge.  We will use Home Away From Home for all of our future grooming and boarding needs.  We have already started to spread the word.  Thank you for all that you do.  Katie S (March, 2019)

The owners and staff here are amazing and I HIGHLY recommend this facility for daycare and boarding.  My Sophie has been coming to Home Away From Home for years now and I feel 100% comfortable leaving her with them.  They LOVE animals (all creatures) and are so patient and kind with every one of them.  My dog is so excited whenever I bring her and is alway exhausted when she gets home after a day of daycare, which works for me.   Janessa L.-Sophie Mom (April, 1019)

Today was my first experience at Home Away From Home.  My 4 month old Cooper, fractured his tibia while in our fenced area at home, on Monday.  We knew we had to have him cared for

and looked after so he can heal properly.  The staff has been so absolutely overwhelmingly 

fantastic!  I left there feeling so relaxed and the same when I picked him up today.  Copper was laying down relaxing, watching staff and fellow dogs without a care in the world.  It takes a very special breed of person

to care for our fur babies. Joel and his staff are very compassionate.   Tani S. -Cooper Mom (May 2019)

Finn stayed here in October and loved that they brought him to my wedding to take pictures !  They took good care of him!  We will bring him back in the future!  Letty M-Finn Mom ( May, 2018)

Joel has a special gift with animals.  Anytime we leave town our 7 year old spaniel mix stays with him.  

The first time we dropped her off was for a long weekend at Joel's-I got back a dog that was happier and more well adjusted.  Nothing about my pup is independent-she is happiest if she can follow a human around 24/7.

I got her while I was in college living with 5 roommates so she was never alone as a puppy-she always had someone to snuggle with, never was forced to hangout outside, freely roamed anywhere in the house and all this human time caused her to prefer humans over dogs.  Really, I'm not sure if she knows she is a dog.  She is also very vocal if she doesn't like something or wants something.  She gets very anxious (obsessive barking) when she is forced to be separated from the humans in a house.  Really, I accidentally created a high maintenance monster but I love her.  I can confidently drop her off at Home Away From Home knowing she will be loved and cared for.  I know I'll return to find a very happy pup.  She flips out with excitement when she sees Joel (not something she does unless she actually like the person.)

I toured many places in Monterey before finding Home Away From Home Pet Spa-so thankful to have them.  They make leaving our pup behind a little bit easier.  Catherine C., Bella's Mama  (Oct. 2016)

I have taken my dog Zeus to Home Away From Home on multiple occasions and I am always extremely pleased with the service.  The owner loves each pet as if they were his own and after five minutes of talking to him its's very clear to see that.  He called me and gave updates on my dog, and let me know if anything was wrong or if he was just having a good time. A state-of-the-art fire protection system has been installed and I will continue to entrust Zeus at Home Away From Home until I depart Monterey.  Zeus' Dad  (May 2, 2016)

Joel and his staff have been so amazing to my dog Nikon over the years. Joel has gone beyond the call of duty so many times I cannot count.  Don't think twice, this is the spot for your pets.  Mary, Nikon's Mama   (May 14, 2016)

100% Happy with this business!  Wish he was local to us in San Diego and obviously if ever in need of a doggy day care when we're back up here, we know exactly where to go.  Thanks for everything!!! You're a true dog lover and it shows :]

Allie J. (Jan. 2016)

Love this place!  Our cat is 13 years old and we don't like leaving him at home anymore when we leave town.  At Home Away From Home he is well-fed, safe and gently attended to while we are away.  I have always found Joel and the staff to be big animal lovers and they go above and beyond in taking care of our cat.  Prince says he likes it there.  
Prince's Mom  (Dec. 2, 2015)

Joel is a great guy and gifted with animals.  Both of our dogs came back extremely tired and happy.  We did not have anything to worry about while we were getting married.  We would recommend him to anyone and will definitely be taking our pups here again!  Amber M.  (Oct. 19, 2015)

Love this place. Joel and his staff are honestly the best caretakers and just so kind.  I really hope they reopen and continue to provide the outstanding service they are known for.  Jayne D.  (July 22, 2015)

I have been going to Home Away From Home with my dog for seven years, and they are always wonderful to my dog.  He goes there for daycare.  I never have any reservations about leaving him there.  It truly is a home away from home.  They also are willing to give him his medicine when I ask them to.  All the dogs that go there are regulars, and they all seem really happy and they all love it.  It is one of the best dog day cares around.   Franky's Mom

We've been taking Massey to Home Away From Home for a couple years now I think.  She's always well cared for and we've never had any problems.  Haircuts are excellent.  It's also a good location if you work in Monterey.  -Massey's Dad

Home Away From Home has been really good with my dog. She is eager to see them, and she looks forward to spending time with them. Whenever she stays overnight, the owner brings her to his personal home.  She loves his kids, and they seem to love her too.  It works out great. He is very amicable and easy to talk to , and he really goes the extra mile for the clients.  He asks questions to make sure we are covering all the bases, and he listens to responses and feedback. He is very encouraging and positive about everything.   -CeeCee's Mom

Gibby  loved doggy daycare at Home Away From Home from day one.  The opportunity to play hard all day was like a dream come true for her and us.    -Gibby's Mama

Home Away From Home treats my dogs like the prince and princess that they are.   -Mollie and Baxter's Mama

Joel Jensen has sincere concern and care for the animals that he boards. I am pleased to highly recommend Home Away From Home to any and all pet owners.   -Al's Dad

Sometimes I think my dog would rather be at daycare at Home Away From Home than at his home.   -Rojo's Mama

The experience is very unique.  When you enter the spa, you step into a very calm and quiet environment.  You can tell that the animals are not distressed at all.  The prices are good for the area and the spa services are top notch.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for excellent pet care.   Emily's Mom

Home Away From Home is just perfect.  They take care of my dog when I go play golf, and I've been using them for about a year.  I like that if a dog doesn't want to go outside, they don't make her.  They cater to the dogs wants and needs, and I appreciate that.   Gene B

We never worry about our dog when we are away. We know he is well taken care of and happy.   -Rusty's Parents

Our dog loves Home Away From Home Pet Spa.   -Buddy's Mom

The last time we picked our little guy up, he gave his hello's and wanted to go back in.  That is how we know he loves it there at Home Away From Home Pet Spa.  If he loves it, we love it.   -Couper's Parents

I am so glad we found your place.   -Bear's Mama

Our little dog never wanted to leave our side.  Now he pulls his leash and can't wait to play with the other dogs when we are at Home Away From Home Pet Spa.  Thanks for everything.   -Dexter's Parents

This kind of character and dedication is hard to find.  It seems like Joel and his team really love what they do, and I recommend them to my military friends frequently.  -Caitlin

My only regret with Home Away From Home is not finding it sooner.  Joel and his team are very friendly, professional, welcoming and just great people to have around.  -Leah T

We have a brand new puppy and the misfortune of staying in a hotel that is not dog-friendly.  Home Away From Home Pet Spa turned a problem into a worry free solution.  I'm trying to find something to say where they were just average so that my review seems more honest, but I just can't think of anything.  Thank you Joel and company for saving  our vacation...and our dog's too!   -Hobbs' Dad

The groomer that they have at Home Away From Home is AWESOME! She did everything I asked her to do on my 11 pound poodle and did a GREAT job!   I would definitely recommend this place!   -Chloe and Chaos' Mama

Thank you Home Away From Home for making mine and my dog's life more joyous.   -Sadie's Mom

The boarding service was excellent.  Immediately got the impression that the owner really knows what he's talking about and genuinely loves animals (practically the "dog whisperer") I will use this place every time I am in the area and need to board my dog.   -Alex  R

To make a long story short;  I love my dog...he's my "Lil' Man"...I have gone to a few groomers in the area with high hopes but always came home wanting. When I got my mini-Aussie back from Home Away From Home, he looked so good I swear they took a stencil and spray painted him!!!   My wife and I agree, this is the first place we have taken him that he did not want to leave.   -Raglan's Dad