Home Away From Home is proud to offer a 10% discount to the following:  Military, Teachers and Seniors

Please be prepared to show proper credentials.  Also, ask about savings when you purchase a 10-pack for doggy or puppy daycare.

     Credit Card Policy:
A 20% non-refundable credit card deposit is required for all bookings with a total value above $250.00.

     Cancellation Policy:

For off-peak (see Event and Holiday below for more information)  and non-holiday reservations, a 25% non-refundable fee will be charged for all cancellations occurring within 4 days or less of the scheduled drop-off time.

     Event and holiday reservations:   this includes but not limited to; Easter, Memorial, Labor, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, New Year and event weeks such as Jazz, Blues, Bach, Reggae, AT&T Pro Am, Car Week, Big Sur Marathon, Super Bike Racing, Sea Otter Classic...A 50% non-refundable fee will be charged for all cancellations occurring within 10 days or less of the scheduled drop-off time.


As a health and safety precaution, at no extra charge, we serve all pets bottled water during their play and stay and beauty visits.

     Special Care

Full Disclosure of your pets state of health is VITAL. Please respect your pet and our staff by educating us about "ANY & ALL" mental or physical health issues we may encounter while your pet is in our care so that we may offer the absolute BEST CARE possible for your precious family member.

     Tardy Policy

Please note, we schedule pick up and drop off time for the ease of pets, pet parents and our staff.  A $1 per minute late fee will be charged to those who are tardy to pick up at the closing times (please see Hours below).  Exceptions can sometimes be made due to emergency situations however communication is a must.


Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Lobby is closed between 11:30-1:30 for detail and pet care

Saturday-drop off or pick up is by appointment only

Sunday-drop off or pick up times are 10:00 a.m. or 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise scheduled

Please see above for Tardy Policy. 



            Adults (1 year and older)                               

Daycare and Boarding-per day

Temperament test visit                                                            20                         20                         20

Half Day daycare service                                                        15                         15                         15

Full Day daycare service                                                         25                        27                         30                 35

Daycare prepaid 10-pack (good for 90 days)                         225                     243                       270

Boarding service - overnight                                                   29                         32                         35                 39

Boarding service - In home care                                             55                         60                         65                 65

*additional rates may apply after the first week of boarding

            Cat Boarding-per day

Single Cat Condo                                           18


Double -wide Cat Condo                                35


Kitten-less than 1 year old                              18


        Birds, Rabbits & Exotics-per day

$9-$20 depending on diet, care and number of animals per condo


        When we provide the meals-per day

Science Diet Dog- 2 x daily                                       5                              8                          10

Grain free - 2 x daily                                                  3                              5                          10

        Medications and Special Needs-

Administering a prescribed medication- $5 per pill or liquid application

Eye drop application-$5 per application

Ear medication-$5 per application

Insulin injections/Sub-Q-$20 per injection (with 2ppl)

     we take the comfort of your pet seriously and injections can be stressful.  We begin with a comforting rub down, 

​     two people handle the procedure. We freeze our needles and we warm our liquids to room temperature.  

     We begin with a treat and we end with a treat.

Wound dressing/care-per case rate-call Joel for a quote

Post-op surgery care-per case rate-call Joel for a quote

Emergency or Non-Emergency pick-up/delivery or Pet Chaperone to Veterinary Services-$25-$65 each way, depending on distance/time spent

Flea/tick preventative treatment-(Advantix or Frontline Plus) 1 app. per month

     -small/medium dogs & cats-$25  or  large dogs-$35

30 minute Flea Rem (Nitenpyram)- an oral medication designed to rid your pet of adult fleas in 30 min.-$20

     -recommended with a bath (see below for bath rates)

     -also recommeded with a flea management monthly system(see above "flea/tick preventative treatment")

     or see below ("flea and tick ultra relief package" to combine all 3 services)

Paw-la Cart Services-add ons to daycare and boarding dogs

Dog walk - neighborhood-1/2 hr                                20                            20                         25

Dog walk - beach walk-1 hr                                       35                            35                         35

Beach walk/bath                                                        55                            65                         75

Ball play-30 min.                                                        20                            20                         20

Ball play-60 min                                                         30                            30                         30


Professional Pet Grooming                               


We base our prices on the type of dog, texture of the hair, size of the pet and degree of difficulty of the desired look.  We have senior stylists and junior stylists which also changes the price point.  Allow the following guides to give you an approximation of what we may charge.  Please note that until our professional stylist has examined the condition of your pet's coat, the following price lists are subject to change.  We are also happy to schedule a complimentary meet and greet to give you a professional quote in advance.

Junior Level Grooming Stylist                                        

Bath with haircut                                                      50-65                     65-125                  75-up

Poodles (toy, miniature or standard)                        55-65                     70-80                    80-up

Doodles                                                                                                  75-95                    90-up

   (if extra brushing is necessary due to matting, there will be an additional fee)

Senior Level Grooming Stylist

Bath with haircut                                                      60-80                    80-140                    90- up  

Poodles (toy, miniature or standard)                        70-85                    85-95                      95-up

Doodles                                                                                                 85-105                   105-up

   (if extra brushing is necessary due to matting, there will be an additional fee)

Express Bath=simply a shampoo-blow dry (see below for rates)

Full Monty Bath=shampoo, condition, ears, nails, blow dry, brush out (see below for rates)

Bathing- express bath or full bath                              35-65                      45-105                     55-135

De-Skunker-6 step process                                        75                           115                          150

Flea/Tick Relief express                                             30                            40                            50

Flea/Tick Ultra Relief Package                                   85                            95                            105

     -includes a 30 min. Flea  Oral Remedy, Express Flea/Tick Relief Bath, and Flea/Tick Monthly Management 

     -additional services may be added to this package for additional charges

Flea dip-add on                                                          20                             30                            40

Poodle feet/Feather trims-add on                               10                             10                           15

Furminator-add on                                                      10                             15                           20

Anal gland expression-add on                                    10                             10                           10

Brush-out / Pet massage  (30 min)                             30                             30                           30

Nail Trimming                                                              20                             20                           20

Teeth-add on                                                               15                             15                           15


*Pick up and Delivery Service is available upon request -please plan ahead & call for a quote



SMALL                 MEDIUM                LARGE                  

1-29 lb.                  30-95 lb.               96-200 lb.

  • 2:07

SMALL                 MEDIUM                LARGE

1-29 lb.                  30-95 lb.               96-200 lb.

We hear. We supply. We satisfy. We are uncommon...

Professional Dog and Cat Bathing

 we start each service with a loving massage and a treat, we finish each service with more love and another treat...

SMALL                  MEDIUM           LARGE            X-LARGE           

1-24lb.                    30-80 lb.          81-120 lb.        0VER 120

100% Crate free dog daycare now available...

ask about it when booking         

Requirements for Daycare and Boarding for basic pricing


Our primary concern is the health, well-being, and safety of your pet.

Without exception, documentation for cats and dogs must be provided ahead of time showing the following:

Dogs (within the last 12 months):

-Rabies-1 year or Rabies-3 year (Please check your records for your term)

-Distemper/Parvo-1 year or Distemper/Parvo-3 year (Please check your records for your term)

-Bordatella (commonly referred to as Kennel Cough) administered within the last 6 months

Cats (within the last 12 months):

-Feline Leukemia or blood test negative



Fleas are on the rise, please keep your pet, your home and family as well as our facility safe by being flea and tick responsible...

We strongly suggest a monthly flea treatment  (i.e. Advantage, Frontline etc.) Can be purchased and administered at Home Away From Home as needed