At Home Away From Home we treat your pets like family
Since we know how hard it can be for both of you to be apart, our trained and caring staff ensures that your pet's stay at our professional facilities is as comfortable, stress-free and fun as possible.

Doggy day care specialists
For nearly a decade, Home Away From Home has offered a safe and rewarding social community for dogs of all shapes and sizes. We have a diverse mix of four-legged friends and welcome dogs who can appreciate our bunch and contribute to our group!

Flexible and welcoming facilities
We are an indoor/outdoor facility with separate play yards & spaces that include dedicated areas for high energy on-the-go dogs, little guys, old timers, and those special dogs who'd rather relax by themselves.
To ensure your dog's comfort, we provide outdoor shelters from rain and sun.

Pets are people too!
At Home Away From Home, we believe that pet day care is every bit as important as child care.

  • Home Away From Home is locally owned and operated
  • We emphasize personal attention and stay away from the assembly line mentality of larger chain stores.
  • We are small so our "class sizes" are too.
  • We will give "your kids" the same love and attention we give our own.

Check out our affordable rates, come visit us and find out more about our services.